Interview of Amanda Gedney on How to Get Expat Visa(or digital nomad visa) in Thailand & founder of Settle in Abroad. A life-changing experience that enables Native English speakers to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand to find a teaching job.

I met her at Nomad Summit & she told me she help foreigners to get expat visa in Thailand. I decided to interview her & she will share how she can help you get expat visa or digital nomad visa in Thailand.

All you need to do is buy your plane ticket and Amanda team will handle the rest. To qualify all you need is a Bachelor’s degree in any subject and a positive attitude. Included in the program is an online TEFL class, which is recognized worldwide as an international English as a foreign language teaching certification. The program costs also includes job search, CV assistance, interview prep, an apartment for a month, a motorbike or bicycle, Thai language lessons and many tourist excursions. Her program prepares you with everything you need to know to settle in and enjoy your new life in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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