Smart visa issuance

After being notified of the result of qualification endorsement, the qualified applicant must proceed with applying for Smart Visa issuance at one of the following places, The Immigration Bureau at One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit (OSS), 18th Floor, Chamchuri Square Building, Bangkok OR the Royal Thai Embassies/the Royal Thai Consulate Generals overseas.

Procedures for visa issuance at One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit (OSS)

For your convenience, please make an appointment for Smart Visa issuance at the immigration bureau HERE

1. The applicant comes to One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit (OSS) on the appointment date and time for Smart Visa issuance with required documents filled out and signed, and asks to meet with a Smart visa staff.

Documents needed to be presented at the time of Smart Visa Issuance are as follows.

2. Smart visa staff gives the applicant the documents to be submitted to the immigration and has the applicant review and correct the documents, if necessary. When all documents are ready, the Smart visa staff has the applicant sign on the document receiving logbook to confirm all documents are completely received.

3. The Smart visa staff accompanies the applicant to the immigration and submits the documents to the information counter officer. The information counter officer stamps the documents and gives them back to Smart visa staff together with queue number ticket for B.I.D counter.

4. The Smart visa staff and the applicant submit the documents to B.I.D. counter. After this point onwards, the Smart Visa staff returns to OSS while the applicant waits for their queue number to be called.

5. The applicant will be called by the immigration officer at B.I.D counter for finger scanning and photo taking. After that, the applicant waits to be called again and brings the documents to the payment counter for Smart Visa fee.

6. After the payment, the applicant shows the fee payment receipt to the B.I.D. officer in order to receive Smart visa stamp. After receiving the passport with visa stamp, the applicant returns to Smart visa unit and requests to meet with Smart visa staff again for an orientation of Smart visa such as yearly report procedures with the immigration, status report procedures with Smart visa unit, visa extension information, etc.

Procedures for visa issuance at the Royal Thai Embassies/ Royal Thai Consulate-General (overseas)

For your convenience, please inform the Smart Visa Unit as soon as possible via e-mail at which Thai Embassy or Consulate-general in your country of residence you plan to receive Smart Visa from.

1. It is highly advisable that a successful applicant directly contact Royal Thai Embassy, Royal Thai Consulate-General, or official outsourcing partner for consular services to make an appointment for visa issuance as soon as possible after receiving the Smart Visa notification letter and inquire about the required documents since each embassy reserves the right to request additional documents from the applicant.

2. The processing fee is 10,000 Baht per year for visa permission (cash only) For example, the permitted duration of 1 year 4 months will cost 20,000 Baht and has to be paid to the Immigration or a consular officer on the date of visa issuance. Please note that the processing fee at each Thai Embassy or Consulate may vary depending on the currency rate and the additional fee which might apply in some countries.

3. In case Smart Visa received from overseas appears to contain different information from the notification letter for Smart Visa endorsement such as wrong visa type, permission dates, number of entries, etc. You are required to inform the consular officer immediately or notify the Smart Visa unit in written as soon as possible. Failing to do so on the Smart Visa holder part, Smart Visa unit denies any responsibility for what this error might incur.


Advance booking can be made at least 3 days but not exceeding 30 days.

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