Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism

The tourism industry is one of the important drivers of the economy of Thailand, where Thailand is the leading destination for medical tourism in the Southeast Asia region. This accomplishment was made possible from pre-existing policies which seek to increase the quality of foreign tourists and Thai domestic tourists.

Be this as it may, current global trends stand to greatly affect the tourism industry, and it is for this reason that current policies have been adopted which seeks to do the following:

  • To enrich experiences and raise levels of tourism-related value propositions for middle-income to high-income tourists from the Asia-Pacific region
  • To establish order in and promote various activities at tourist destinations, thus increasing tourism value for tourists, e.g. watersports, or other relevant activities
  • To offer support to wellness and rehabilitation tourists, with particular focus on development of and growth in medical tourism.
  • To promote Thailand as a central venue for international exhibitions or MICE

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