Agriculture and Biotechnology

The agriculture industry occupies the largest sector of the Thai GDP at 8.4%, and occupies a similarly high proportion of labour, at 40%, making it an incredibly important industry for the Thai economy. Be this as it may, the aforementioned large labour and GDP proportions coupled with the fact that the agricultural sector shows relatively low labour productivity rates, has led to the EEC adopting a strong promotional stance with regards to enriching and elevating the working capacity of certain agricultural subindustries. These enrichments focus on the incorporation of new and advanced agricultural technologies, which foster efficient developments within subindustries including advanced agricultural technologies (e.g. usage of sensors, advanced datalytics, and automated systems), investments and research in biotechnology (e.g. plant and animal breeding), businesses which make use of advanced technologies in quality assurance, storing, and maintaining vegetables, fruits or flowers (e.g. sensor system which analyze fruit quality), and natural rubber production facilities.

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