Automation and Robotics

Presently, given Thailand’s existing foundations in large-scale mass production systems, integration of automated systems and robotics in productions lines is the aim of current efforts. Both the existing automotive and electronics industries stand to benefit greatly from such incorporations, and more than this, with the incorporation of robotics and automated systems, valuable knowledge and human resources can be promoted. It is for the above reasons that Thailand has made plans to implement a robotics production industry, so as to better provide solutions for the nation, and the ASEAN region. The plans and policies call for the following applications and industrial robotics:

  • Automotive Industry Robotics, especially welding robots. This type of robot is the number one imported robot to the ASEAN region and accounts for 38% of all types of imported robots. These robots are often imported the in the form of a robotic articulated arm, or articulated robot.
  • Injection Molding Robotics. These robots are the second leading type of regionally imported robots and constitute 19% of total imported robots. Such robots are a comprehensive articulated robot which support rotations and linear gantry systems.

Specialized Robotics. These robots stand to enhance existing industries which require human expertise, and take many forms including diving robots, and medical robot, where the latter adopts a focus on development of robots for Asian physiology. These areas of robotics are to be developed in accordance with Thailand’s experiences in articulated robotics in later phases.

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