Aviation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics industries are industries which complement Thailand’s geographically advantageous location and that furthermore allow for the support and expansion of other industries. With regards to the aviation industry, it is anticipated to see the fastest level of growth among the new S-Curve industries, with components such as production and maintenance having expansion rates of 3.4%. This when compared with the transportation industries expansion rate of 2.8% indicates that these new industries can be developed and comprehensively expanded in 5 different business sectors, as follows:

  • Transportation facilities, utilities and services, e.g. the Inland Container Depot (ICD), cargo ship handling facilities, railway transportation and commercial airports.
  • Modern logistics centers, e.g. Air cargo facilities, the International Distribution Center (IDC), cold chain transportation methods, and big data and analytics-inspired transportation systems.
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, which focus on the maintenance of narrow-body airframes, and are expected to greatly increase in number in Asia.
  • The development of high-value manufacturing facilities in the areas surrounding the airport, e.g. companies which produce time-sensitive products.
  • The Aviation Training center for pilots and cabin crew, as well as aircraft technicians, and ground crew.

The above are all to be comprehensively implemented allowing for Thailand’s development as the Greater Mekong Sub-regional (GMS) hub of transportation and air transportation industries.

Credit Link : https://www.eeco.or.th/en/content/targeted-industries