Biofuels and Biochemicals

The biofuel and biochemical industries are a group of industries which are anticipated to see rapid growth in the future and are two industries which can easily be integrated with current and pre-existing industries within Thailand. Their potential to do so takes root in the readiness of raw agricultural materials and industries available in Thailand, i.e. Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of cassava, and possesses highly developed chemical and ethanol-based fuel industries.

In establishing a comprehensive biochemical industry, Thailand’s existing lactic acid and succinic acid from ethanol production industry will serve as a bridge between the current ethanol industries and the future chemical industry establishment. This will allow for the enhancement of current biofuel industries to produce second-generation biofuels (biofuel not derived from food substances, e.g. corn cobs, or wastes) and make way for technological research and development of third-generation biofuels (biofuels which are produced from strands of cultivatable strands of seaweed).

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