Promotion of investments in digital industries will allow business to grow and provide services in embedded software, enterprise software and digital content as well as develop into a software park in anticipation of the becoming a domestic and international e-commerce player. This includes enhancing Thai retail to better identify electronic channels, as well as founding of startup ecosystems, which engages domestic consumers and draws the attention of foreign e-commerce business investors to Thailand.

In parallel to this, a project to develop a Smart City will take form by making use of the internet of things (IoT) thus creating one of the first Enabled Smart Cities. This will require substantial developments and expansions of the communications and electronics industries as a means to increase quality of life. Current plans include the establishment of an Innovation, Research and Design Center for next-generation automotive industries, which will focus on skill development for operators thus allowing more effective sales of innovations for other neighboring developing nations. In the same vein, so too will the creative media and animation industry receive substantial enhancements, which increases potentials in design allowing for more effective content ownership and investments with global animation firms.

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