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The comprehensive healthcare industry represents a new kind of industry comprising healthcare businesses and medical tourism, of which both have pre-existing and strong foundation in Thailand. This industry is made possible by expanding businesses engaged in the medical instruments industry which are supported by a strong foundation in electronics and communication, and by expanding the medical supplies industry through strong foundations in agriculture and biochemistry. The comprehensive healthcare industry is one which had a high growth rate of 3.2% and has been seen to rapidly expand beyond this in developed countries.

To this effect, the Thai comprehensive healthcare industry comprises the following 3 components:

1. New and Modern Services: This comprises eHealth and mHealth services, which builds off electronic medical records (EMR’s) and connective technologies, and collectively allows for more efficient and cost-effective consultations with medical professionals who can remotely provide consultation. This greatly adds value from the perspective of the patients in the form of convenience, and provides an alternative to traditional treatment costs, as well as an option for initial consultations over long distances.

2. Research and Production of Medical Instruments: These instruments allow physicians to engage in diagnostics and remote health monitoring through the pre-existing foundations in sensor technology and cutting-edge measurement technology. Such remote health monitoring devices provide solutions to patients who require tools necessary to engage in self-monitoring practices for a number of possible conditions, e.g. monitoring high blood-pressure, or heart-rate monitoring.

3. Research and Production of Medical Supplies: The research and production of modern medical supplies allows for reductions in both production steps and time, as well as new and modern methods for drug testing. The latter occurs through the production of biosimilar drugs, which makes use of principles of biologic. This system was previously registered and has since expired, and with its expiration biopharmaceuticals have seen huge growth and expansion when compared with traditional drug production processes.

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