Real Estate Investing for the Next Generation

T-BOX is a online exchange that allows anyone to easily invest in digital tokens backed real estate and earn income from property ownership.

Company Overview

Thailand is home to a enormous real estate market, with total assets well over 3 trillion baht in value. However, the real estate capital market (the market for buying/selling real estate) in Thailand is highly fragmented. Property owners who are looking to sell real estate have limited access to buyers and investors, and investors who are looking to buy real estate have limited access to real estate investment opportunities.

T-BOX aims to solve this problem by creating Thailand’s first online exchange focused on digital tokens backed by real estate. By using blockchain technology, real estate properties will be converted into digital tokens which can be easily purchased and invested in by anyone.

With T-BOX’s technology and platform, users will be able to become property owners in just a few clicks (no mortgage/bank/broker paperwork required!) and can realize capital gains on their property token earnings as well as passive income in the form of dividends generated by their property investments.

T-BOX has obtained its digital asset license from the Thai SEC and plans to launch in Q4 2021.

Strategic Partners and Investors

In March 2020, T-BOX entered into a strategic partnership with Kasa Korea - a licensed real estate token exchange in Korea. Through this partnership, T-BOX and Kasa will work to expand their platforms beyond Thailand and Korea and into new markets in Southeast Asia.

T-BOX is currently looking for additional partners and investors to help grow its platform. If you are interested, please reach out to us at

Company registration date : 22 August 2018

STARTUP SECTOR : Digital FinTech Real Estate


Vincent Nguyen

CEO & Founder

JY Kwak


Wei Sun


Haotian Zhou



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Under construction