Trip Thai Goal is a trip planning platform based in Thailand. Tourists can customize their own Thai trip by clicking a few buttons in a few seconds. Tourists will receive an editable itinerary with details. They can add or remove any schedules as they wish. It saves their time and budget while they can plan your trip in an easy and innovative way. It doesn’t matter how many times the tourists have been to Thailand, we always help them explore new adventure and experience.


1. Key Partners Our key partners have three different groups. Firstly, it is the website programing company, which writes the programs and systems for us based on our ideas and design of website. Secondly, it is local travel-related companies in order to providing one-stop comprehensive services in the website, such as TakeMeTour, Rent Connected, LocalAlike, 12Go and Agoda. Thirdly, it is insurance company, which provides travel insurance for customers when they join the membership.

2. Key Activities One of the key activities is to build and maintain travel planning platform in Thailand. The system of the platform should be stable in order to have customer satisfaction. Another activity is to match the needs of travelers and host of locals. The locals can provide local tours that tourists like the most, meanwhile the travelers can gain new travel experience from the locals.

3. Key Resources There are three groups of key resources. One of the important resources is the community of local tribes, tours and related companies. The local and unseen travel information can be gathered by the community. The second resource is travel data in Thailand. The travel data which is stored in our back office and to sort out and filter in the system, can be gathered from tourism organisations, restaurants and travel attractions organisations etc. The last resource is Thai travel expertise. To gather Thai information easily, the best way to do is to ask the local people. Our team has two Thai people, who love to Thailand very much, and they are willing to share the unseen sides of Thailand to the tourists.


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Company registration date : 20 June 2019


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